Thursday, October 24, 2013

Angels Are for Real

They walked in, big and burly some of them, some skinny and young, flesh and blood angels from heaven via Michigan and California and Maine and Thornton.  We expected two, or four; and got nine orange-shirted smiling, willing-handed beings. 

They said, “What first?  Where do you want this?”

That was our introduction to Samaritan’s Purse.  Franklin Graham would have been proud.

They emptied the whole flooded-now-dry downstairs, the downstairs of concrete, black glue-residued floor, dirtied baseboards.  They picked up beds, chairs, file cabinets.  They picked up unglamorous boxes overflowing with hockey sticks, Christmas paper, skateboards.  They hauled out piano music, guitar, old typewriter, tambourine. They mounded everything under tarps, under the carport.

They brought in a spray gun, aimed it at all the edges, said you’ll never have mold again.  We didn’t have it already, but who is to say no?

They said they’d come back Thursday to put it all back.  Then we stood with them in a hand-holding circle while they prayed.  They handed us a Billy Graham Training Center NKJ Bible that they all signed.  They said they loved the scones I’d baked.  I cut them in half when I saw we had a veritable army descending upon us.

I liked these angels I could see.  Angels with voices and hugs (forgot to mention those).  I wish now that I could see my own guardian angel (I’m told I do have one).  I wish I could see angels protecting children, angels whispering in people’s ears, angels averting accidents.  I’m quite sure my angel theology is somewhat hole-y. but you get the idea.  I keep reminding myself that what I can see will pass away; what I can’t see is the True Reality, the great I AM.  Some day. Closer all the time.  Hallelujah!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Give Me a Break!

You'll never believe what I saw the other day. A man on his roof
putting Christmas lights on his house! Come to think of it, I've seen
Christmas lights on trees around town since last Christmas, just
hanging around waiting for the holiday to come again. It's only
October, people! The leaves are barely turning in the city, although
in the mountains the colors are beginning to fade and some are
completely gone. Yes, there was a skiff of snow this morning on the
patio, a portent of things to come. But advertisements already about
Christmas sales? Stores opening on Thanksgiving? I think there
should be a law (hearthisCongressohIforgotyoucan'thearanything) that
first we let the kids enjoy Halloween. Then we let the rest of us
really give thanks at Thanksgiving before the word Christmas is
allowed to be uttered. Then in December, perhaps if we could only
reflect more on the abundant meaning instead of the abundant giving,
it wouldn't seem like the hassle it's become. Who will be able to
shop this year anyway with thousands out of work, floods and mudslides
devastating parts of Colorado, early blizzards in South Dakota, and
hardships everywhere in the world? I'm just pondering and venting.
Give me a break!