Monday, February 27, 2017

Our Blog Comes Alive Again: All New for 2017

It has been almost a year since we’ve written on our blog!  Unbelievable.  And if anyone used to read or care at all for our musings, I (Judy) apologize.  My excuse is that I’m old and have run out of words.  But Julie, who is even older than I by a few months, has been busy writing her second book, and with words to spare!  Her book is called The Women on the Porch and shares the stories of five women in the Great Depression in Washington state, all from different backgrounds and experiences, suffering from tuberculosis.  You will come to love these women as friends and you’ll care what happens to each of them in their struggles and frustrations.  The book is available through Amazon and I highly recommend it to all who love good historical fiction based on true stories from the past.  

Well, guess I had a few words left after all.  It’s good to be back.

The picture below shows the tuberculosis sanitarium renovated and now masquerading as a retirement center.  But in the 1940's it housed the women on the porch.  Look for the book and the ebook on Amazon!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brass Tacks Blogging

I guess you would say, Ms. Blog, that I have been reading more than writing and dreaming more than doing.  Like Julie, I have neglected this little blog that is read by millions and enjoyed by all.  I have (in my spare time) been compiling and cataloguing my writings from the past thirty years in the form of a story, a story told by my eighty-seven year old voice.  (No, I'm not quite that old.)

I've also been writing the amazing story of my beautiful friend Sanu, who when she was in her twenties was burned over seventy percent of her body in a gas stove explosion at her home in Nepal.  A miraculous story she has to tell.

So you see, Ms. Blog, my current excuses.  Time to get down to brass tacks. I think that means focus and focus we will!  At least, once a month from now on.  Maybe.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Dear Ms. Blog

If our blog could talk…wait…is our blog male or female?  This is an important question, for I as a writer need to use correct pronouns when I write.

Let me start again.  I think I have an answer.

If our blog could talk she would sternly ask Judy and me a question.  “Where have you girls been?” she queries.  “Have you been (as in the story in 1 Kings 18 of Elijah versus the prophets of Baal) taking a walk, spending too much time in the bathroom, or worse,  sleeping the day away?”

After being called a girl (I’m not above a little flattery), I’m most willing to answer.  First, I’ve been undeniably negligent.  Second, when I did remember I didn’t have anything to say. Third, I’ve been busy writing.  Writing about people in a tuberculosis sanitarium in the 1940’s.  Writing about Elena, and Arlene, and Jean, and Mary, and Hazel, and even writing about whiney Eunice.  They occupy my thoughts while cooking, while walking, while reading….  I’m having a great time, in fact, having more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  There.  That ought to make you happy, Ms. Blog.  Are you a blonde or a brunette…or should I use past tense?!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunday Morning Collage from Judy

                                                    Journey of Letters reprise

Saturday, July 18, 2015

From This Heart Back

Friday, July 17, 2015

From the Heart

Julie and I were talking this morning.  I was saying that joy seems elusive.  I've lost my passions for quilting, painting and even writing.  All of our friends are getting older just as we are, some sick, some dying, most longing for relief from the mental torture and the problems of the world.  All things out of our control, and I've always been fond of control.  Then this afternoon I read a prayer written by #Anne Lamott ( don't know what that hash tag means, but it seemed the appropriate place), a prayer I would have written if my passion for writing hadn't waned.

Hi, God.

I am just a mess.

It is all hopeless.

What else is new?

I would be sick of me, if I were You, but
         miraculously You are not.

I know I have no control over other people's
          lives, and I hate this.  Yet I believe that if I
          accept this and surrender, You will meet me
          wherever I am.

Wow.  Can this be true?  If so, how is this
           afternoon---say, two-ish?

Thank you in advance for Your company and

You have never once let me down.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ten reasons to read A JOURNEY OF LETTERS this summer

1.  You didn't read it last summer, and if you're a woman, you might enjoy our common experiences of growing up and growing old.  We are two authors, not one.  

2.  It will make you laugh and make you cry.

3.  It has a surprise ending!  

4.  The cover is beautiful and you'll be proud to be seen with it on your blanket at the beach or rocking in your chair at your mountain retreat.  (I'd prefer the chair at the beach.  Hard to get up from down there on the blanket.  :-)

5.  You can order it from Amazon in paperback, hardback or as an e-book or directly from

6.  You don't have to know us (both 71 years old) to identify with the ordinary experiences of our ordinary lives.

7.  Our website is  You might get to know us and find a recipe or two.

8.  We're hip enough to be on Facebook.  We never figured out how to tweet so anyone would read it on Twitter.  (We're not famous yet.)

9.  If you like to record your days in a diary or journal (do you know the difference?) you'll like this book.

10.  We've blogged for two years.  Why has it not yet gone viral?  (Is that a disease?)

  You don't want us to go to our graves thinking we're all alone in the big wide world of writers, do you?