Saturday, September 15, 2012

Next Time, Swallow the Gum

I loved the story of your foxes. It's a little terrifying that
they're right there in your back yard, though. I can't imagine going
out in the autumn sun to read a book or eat my lunch in relaxation
mode. I''m afraid I'd be constantly glancing around wondering when
they were going to make themselves visible. What if they wanted my
cheese and crackers? And where did they get a chicken in the city? I
think I'd like watching them from the safety of my kitchen window
best. Fortunately, my experience with wildlife was when raccoons
walked into our kitchen when the back screen wasn't latched. They
went directly to the cookie jar and politely took an unopened package
of Mother's Oatmeal cookies outside to the back porch and ate the
whole thing as I watched!

I showed Don the pictures we decided to use on the back cover of our
book ...the ones we took of each other in Red Feather a few years
ago? As you may recall, that's the trip I forgot my make-up case, so
I had no eye liner, no mascara and no brush or comb. My only lipstick
was dug up from the bottom of my purse and it was what I used to keep
my lips soft, but a shade you'd only put on a corpse. Kind of
brownish-grey. Nothing that brightened me up or made me look
glamorous. You can even see gum in the side of my mouth! I asked my
very objective, analytical husband what he thought. "Well," he said
after much pondering, "you're both better looking than 75% of women
over 50, and 99.9% better than women over 65!" So, what do you think
about that? Shall we get 'purddied' up and seek out a real
photographer to take our pictures? We can't believe anything an old
scientist says, can we? On second thought, let's not. We are who
we are. (But next time, tell me to swallow the gum!) Judy

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