Friday, March 22, 2013

What's it all about, Julie?

I remember how my mother was always reading her Bible. She was such a
worrier, I often wondered what good it was doing her, but this morning
as I prayed again to have more faith and trust in God's will and
sovereignty, I knew I was just like my mother. My daughter at 40
shows more confidence in God than I do. I'm shamed and blessed.

I was also thinking back to my teenage years when I just wanted to
live long enough to get married. Then when I got married, I wanted to
live long enough to have kids. Then to see my kids through childhood
and into marriage. Then to experience grandchildren. (Did those
things come to pass?) Now to get this book published and in my hands!

For Lent this year I desired to give up fear, anxiety and worry. And
even though those things aren't gone, I've thought a lot about my lack
of trust. I've remember what Jesus did for me on the cross so I could
cast all my cares on Him and go forward in life with courage. I'm
sure my mom had come to the same conclusions...over and over again.
And the book will be finished when it's finished, His will being done
in all things and in all circumstances, at all times.

So...that's what it's all about, Julie! Happy Palm Sunday weekend.


  1. What a fantastic idea. . . to give up fear, anxiety and worry for Lent. It's not only symbolic, it's constructive, and probably far less damaging to your family than giving up coffee. . . you live and learn.
    --Other Julie

  2. I think your Lenten intentions are far more valuable and meaningful and central to life than mine. I've had no trouble "keeping" mine, so they must not have been very deep-seated. Perhaps that reflects my unwillingness to test myself, or the Spirit's power in my life. Rather sobering.