Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kauai Reflections

Aloha, Readers...

I must admit, I'm hooked on islands and humidity and life with no
responsibilities, where worries are safely tucked away in the back of
the mind and shoulds and oughts are a foreign language.
Where sunsets of crimson stain the sky and the bright yellow ball
disappears slowly behind pewter storm clouds, casting a rosy haze on
the earth below, promising evening rains for the already verdant and
saturated hills. Where black palms stand out against the fading ocean
and the rooster crows for the last time till morning. The smell of
plumeria and the occasional burst of rain invite deep breaths as
contentment fills the soul once again. Then a day at the beach, or
four or five, watching the water change from emerald to cobalt and
indigo and cerulean near the horizon, making plain the curvature of
the earth. Birds of paradise, ginger, bougainvillea, orchids and
bamboo give beauty unique to tropical climes and I haven't yet
mentioned the food! My new favorite fruit is lychee, sweet and sour
with the texture of an eyeball. Yummy nevertheless! I've gone on
long enough. My prayer for you all is that you can get away for a
while, even if just in your imaginations. Breathe deeply the breath
of God and rest in his everlasting arms. Mahalo.

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  1. Gorgeous, both your words and pictures you paint. Thank you. Julie