Thursday, November 14, 2013

Book Signings

How shamelessly we tell you of our book signing this Saturday,
November 16th at Flatiron Coffee, 2721 Arapahoe in Boulder,
1:00-3:00. Will we have the honor of meeting you there? You know
what they say...books don't scratch, bite, twist your arm or kick.
And neither do we.


  1. You SHOULD be promoting your book! I am currently knee deep in it (actually, I'm more accurately waist-high, which is better for camouflaging belly fat), and I'm loving it and looking forward to reviewing it on Goodreads. Hopefully I can make it to your book signing, as I am more motivated than ever to meet Judy, after getting to know her from the book! Best, OJ

    1. Thanks, Other Julie! Hope you can come...I'd love to meet you, too! Judy