Sunday, February 1, 2015

Treasure Hunting

I've been thinking about the wonderful times I had as a little girl in Sunday School.  I loved it!  We had Bible verse memorization contests like spelling bees, books with spaces to fill in with verses, and it was such fun filling in the blanks.  Our only translation was the King James Version back then and sometimes I found it hard to understand, but the meaning was there and I got it.  We had a weekly verse to memorize and the teachers sometimes rewarded us with a sticker or pencil or bookmark if we'd done our lessons.  I still remember a chartreuse pen with red printing I once was something I treasured for years.  I still remember the verse:  For me to live is Christ; to die is gain.  I pondered that a lot.  Dying is not a concept a child usually thinks about.  But because I had hidden that verse in my heart, it's still there. 

With the world in the state it is, would it not be prudent to continue teaching our children and grandchildren to memorize verses that they may someday need to recall?  Perhaps our churches will be gone or our Bibles burned.  If we have those words hidden in our hearts, no one can destroy them unless they destroy our body, too.  In the '90's, I made a list of verses from A to Z on notecards.  I review them often, tucking them away for today, perhaps for tomorrow or troubles down the road.   A...All things are possible with God, Mark 10:27, B...Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken, Psalm 16:8, C....

Maybe you, too, would like to seek these treasures.  Happy Hunting!      Judy

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