Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Redbuds here?

We head to North Carolina next week to enjoy the splendid springtime where exotic plants and trees overwhelm us with their beauty.  Redbuds, dogwood, azaleas, to name a few.  We live, here in Colorado, amid constant threats and the reality of untimely frosts, near drought climate, and snow that laughs at our attempts to make beauty.

But once in a blue moon we get a taste, or perhaps more accurately, a glimpse of verdant pastures green.  I give you two pictures (and this is new photo software so I have no idea how these are going to look).  The first photo is of a flowering tree, ever present, tough and faithful; the other is a fair-weather friend that I have seen only twice (and the second time was just this week) in our almost 50 years of living in this close-to-mountain community.  This last friend is so delicate, even ethereal, that he (she) photographs less than perfectly, or else I didn't camp out long enough to get a good picture.  Here goes, anyway. Julie

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  1. It has indeed been a beautiful spring. Until today. Snowing now with a possible foot expected. Glad you got those shots before the pink has faded to white and we wonder if even the leaves will ever again be green. At least, there is hope! Judy