Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ten reasons to read A JOURNEY OF LETTERS this summer

1.  You didn't read it last summer, and if you're a woman, you might enjoy our common experiences of growing up and growing old.  We are two authors, not one.  

2.  It will make you laugh and make you cry.

3.  It has a surprise ending!  

4.  The cover is beautiful and you'll be proud to be seen with it on your blanket at the beach or rocking in your chair at your mountain retreat.  (I'd prefer the chair at the beach.  Hard to get up from down there on the blanket.  :-)

5.  You can order it from Amazon in paperback, hardback or as an e-book or directly from tatepublishing.com/bookstore

6.  You don't have to know us (both 71 years old) to identify with the ordinary experiences of our ordinary lives.

7.  Our website is www.ajourneyofletters.tateauthor.com.  You might get to know us and find a recipe or two.

8.  We're hip enough to be on Facebook.  We never figured out how to tweet so anyone would read it on Twitter.  (We're not famous yet.)

9.  If you like to record your days in a diary or journal (do you know the difference?) you'll like this book.

10.  We've blogged for two years.  Why has it not yet gone viral?  (Is that a disease?)  letterscribblers.blogspot.com

  You don't want us to go to our graves thinking we're all alone in the big wide world of writers, do you?

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