Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brass Tacks Blogging

I guess you would say, Ms. Blog, that I have been reading more than writing and dreaming more than doing.  Like Julie, I have neglected this little blog that is read by millions and enjoyed by all.  I have (in my spare time) been compiling and cataloguing my writings from the past thirty years in the form of a story, a story told by my eighty-seven year old voice.  (No, I'm not quite that old.)

I've also been writing the amazing story of my beautiful friend Sanu, who when she was in her twenties was burned over seventy percent of her body in a gas stove explosion at her home in Nepal.  A miraculous story she has to tell.

So you see, Ms. Blog, my current excuses.  Time to get down to brass tacks. I think that means focus and focus we will!  At least, once a month from now on.  Maybe.

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