Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ordinary into Reality

In the midst of warmy bags and quilts (I, Julie, also have a quilt in process) I have been reading from the Seattle Pacific University Lectio online series. Celeste Cranston offers this prayer that transports me, for just a moment, out of the ordinary into the reality of the (now, but not later!) unseen.

Gracious, powerful, personal God of baffling images, of incongruous melodies, of intimidating intimacy, I pray that you will free, restore, and baptize our imaginations so that we may catch a glimmer of your unlimited truth and grace, so that we may courageously offer both lament and praise, so that we may live into your Yahweh-shaped kingdom where all is good and all is right. In the name and power of Jesus, our prophet, priest, and king. Amen.