Saturday, February 23, 2013

Journey of a Journey

I have to pinch myself; I think our book will actually happen.  Last week the layout people started working on fonts and appearance of our text. Yesterday Judy and I approved the cover.  Late yesterday afternoon our marketing director emailed us throwing words around like bookmarks, niche for sales, press releases.  And underneath somewhere are the words "book signings."  Ha, we thought when we finished writing we were actually finished.

I might lose heart, but Judy is giving me courage.  We are in this steep learning curve for experience, though wouldn't it be fun if we had a New York Times best seller.  In your dreams!  So if you happen to see an errant flyer with A JOURNEY OF LETTERS printed on it in big bold letters, you can empathize with our angst, shake your head over our folly, or if you've a mind to, give us an encouraging pat on the shoulder.  And if you want to write a book,  you could try pen on paper and then simply pass it around to your friends.

1 comment:

  1. I can't hardly stand it! I think I need to see this book as much as you do--to share in this triumph with you! The Other Julie