Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Panic, Pray and Publish

I've looked on the back of book jackets for years, thinking how cool
it would be to be a real author with my picture gracing that page.
Of course, I'd want to look like Jan Karon and I don't. I'd picture
myself at book signings, seated behind a table with my books piled
high and lines of people wanting me to sign their book. I'd smile and
be gracious and charming, a perfectly coiffed blonde with red
manicured nails and ivory hands without one age spot. My clothes
would be from Chico's, my heels high and stylish and Chanel No. 5
would waft from my presence. That, of course, is all a dream, so I
guess you'll have to buy the book to see what we really look like.

But the dream of having a book with Julie's and my name on it is
actually coming to pass! What a gift. Now we're going to be thinking
about publicity, posters, pushcards, press releases, and promotional
items. Now we must have persistence as we panic and pray and
publish. Now we must just be who we are...unpretentious, late, late
middle aged (I can't say old!) women with a story to tell. We hope
you'll share your thoughts with us on the blog.

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