Thursday, May 23, 2013


This morning I have found A Journey of Letters on Amazon as an eBook.  Nice, huh.  I wonder if it will ever appear there in a form one can touch, stroke, riffle through, dog ear the pages.  Are those days fading fast?  Never mind:  we've ordered some more REAL books.

We appreciate, other Julie, you as our number one cheering section.  And await your own missive, account, story, BOOK.  By the way, your Goodreads list is way up there in number and excellence.  Kudos to you.    Julie

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  1. Ha! Thank you. I agree with you on the desire to hold an actual book in your hand, but excited to see your book promoted as an eBook. I think that Amazon and Goodreads will take you far. Will you be planning any local booksignings?--OJ, again