Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We thought those darling baby foxes, the ones who wrecked my bushes and stole garden gloves and generally created havoc, had grown up, traveled to Longmont, forgotten us.  Not so.  Recently two of them (I'm sure they are the same ones because they nodded amicably to me) curled up in my side yard for long naps.  And yesterday one curled up under my Chinese cherry bush, right outside my study window.  Red and bushy tailed, and I know if I could touch him, he'd be soft as butter.  But what if he is a she and I have to face six more darling baby foxes, the ones....


  1. Send some over to me...I only have annoying squirrels!

  2. As I say to my children, "Thank God you're cute." I'm thinking the same thing applies to foxes? Ironically, our bedtime story tonight was "Sly Fox." You're probably in trouble. --Other Julie